Improves QA productivity

Enabling test automation productivity

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With Virtusa’s proven solution for test automation called as Virtusa Test Automation Framework (VTAF), companies can achieve significant and substantial benefits.

VTAF Highlights

Reduces test automation costs by as much as 70% by eliminating the need for resources with specialized skills, and by accelerating scripting
Makes automation 3x faster than traditional automation by natural language like DSL and model driven method
Tool agnostic script generation reduces script porting cost as much as 90%
Reduces automation test suite maintenance cost to a maximum of 60%
Generated scripts are guaranteed to be consistent and comply with best practices – zero script related defects
No lock-in to Virtusa - Walk away with the efficiencies!

Benefits Delivered

3x productivity improvement of test script creation
Reduce overall regression test execution effort by over 80%
Reduce test cycle time by over 50%
Reduce test suite maintenance effort by over 50%