Key Features

Automation Framework Generators for third party tools

Supports third party automation tools such as HP UFT to accelerate test automation.

Cross-paradigm, multi-layer automation

Accello – Digital Test Automation has the ability to seamlessly automate applications of different paradigms (web, mobile, thick, terminals, MQ) and layers (UI, services and databases) within a single script

Mature, robust runtime framework

Accello – Digital Test Automation generates a best of breed automation framework (code project) based on OSS tool stack. The framework incorporates number of best practices such as support for complex data types, schemas, centralized Object Repository, multi-locator support, error handling, recovery, reporting, advanced debugging, verbose logging

Supports agent-based distributed parallel execution across multiple paradigms

Improve the speed of test execution and scalability.

Visual QA

Provides Automated comparison of UI / Screens with ability to fine tune threshold values.

Enterprise grade security features

Secure vault to save sensitive data, User Role Management, LDAP / AD integration, API Key based Agent validation etc.