Enterprise-grade Digital Test Automation tool

Pragmatic test automation is nothing but a form of programming, and is weighed down with the same challenges as software development.

With the rise of application development technologies, and digital transformation initiatives, organizations need rely on multiple tools to reach enterprise-scale, sustainable and scalable automation, which in-turn requires the development of complex automation frameworks, programming savvy specialized engineers.

High maintenance effort of the automation scripts is major reason for automation projects to fail.

Accello – Digital Test Automation is an end-to-end automation model that aims to provide a mechanism for both non-technical and technical users to automate and allows management of agents across a distributed farm of hosts.

Accello – Digital Test Automation has proven to overcome the common test automation challenges faced by the organizations.

Image How can Accello – Digital Test Automation Help You?

Enables you to leverage your existing BAs and domain testers for automation
Reduces the cost of test automation by as much as 70% by eliminating the need for resources with specialized skills, accelerated scripting and attractive pricing options
Makes automation 2x faster than conventional automation traditions by its zero-code scripting, intuitive UI and in-built framework
Provides a holistic solution to enable multi-paradigm automation by eliminating the need to purchase multiple automation tools and the need to develop new frameworks
Reduces automation maintenance cost up to 50%