Easy test case creation

Lumos – Test facilitates test case creation with test steps, indication of “manual”/”automated”, and definition of test parameters.

Automatic test data generation

Lumos – Test determines the optimal test permutations using industry standard algorithms, thereby generating test data for execution, automatically.


Test cases can be mapped to requirements and defects

Test cases created with Lumos – Test can be mapped to requirements and defects, ensuring bi-directional traceability.

Automatic test execution

Lumos – Test has the ability to integrate with a test automation tool of your choice and execute test scripts.

Test plan creation (for execution), agent (bot) assignment, and execution scheduling are also supported through the plugin.

Manual test execution

Lumos – Test enables test case assignment to system users for manual execution.

Test execution results and analysis

Lumos – Test produces summary stats, and a detailed view of the execution status for each execution cycle.