Accello – HCM Process Assessment Assistant (PAA)

  • Derive process suitability for proposed automation

  • Once the process expert completes the questionnaire, the PAA automatically computes the suitability of the process for RPA.
  • A priority score and a feasibility score are derived separately which assist in determining the suitability.

  • Calculate ROI against selected processes

Using base data such as average cost per resource and utilized business days, and accounting for automation potential / efficiency, the PAA allows you to derive ROI in the event of automation.

  • Offer tips / next steps on candidate processes

The PAA is also equipped to provide intelligent tips / next steps regarding candidate processes evaluated via the PAA.  

Accello – Human Clickstream Monitor's Process Assessment Assistant (PAA)


Accello – Human Clickstream Monitor Core

  • Automatically capture user actions from application screens

Accello – Human Clickstream Monitor Bots record key strokes, and mouse and track-pad movements performed by the user against selected applications in the executing device, with screenshots, and group them into a workflow node (which is a representation of a unique application screen).

  • Automatically generate the screen flow

Generate the screen flow (visual representation) associated with the click level steps performed by the user, within the given device during a given time interval, based on the details captured by the Accello – Human Clickstream Monitor Bot.

The user also has the ability to filter various screen flow instances based on set criteria.

  • Edit nodes and related property details

Additionally, the process expert / business analyst can include a broad range of supplementary data, including attachments against the node, for completeness.

  • Add, delete, split and merge nodes

Nodes can be subject to deletion, splits (to 2 nodes) and merging (to a singular node) based on the logical modifications perceived necessary by the process expert / business analyst.

The process expert / business analyst can also include new nodes (E.g : for manual steps) as required.

  • Logically group the nodes to form process variants

Accello – Human Clickstream Monitor permits business analysts to logically group nodes to create process variants of their choice, which usually marks the boundary for a small, coherent business function captured.

These groups can be named and a unique color code provided, which assist the user to identify them separately within the full screen flow.

  • Group the process variants into a process

Accello – Human Clickstream Monitor permits the business analyst to sequentially group process variants to create the ultimate process flow for the current / AS-IS state.

These process variants can be collected from screen flows generated by multiple agents provided that they are connected to a singular server instance.

  • Modify the AS-IS process flow to create the TO-BE process

The AS-IS process flow created using the screen flow generated by the Accello – Human Clickstream Monitor Bot can be modified (E.g :inclusion of manual steps) for completeness, upon which it can be baselined.

A copy of the AS-IS process flow can be used to create the TO-BE process flow with relevant modifications and baselined once completed.

  • Generate the requirement specification template

The end user may easily generate a requirement specification (Word document) containing details such as the screen flow diagrams, step by step details of node activities including screenshots, and the final process flow diagram created for the baselined AS-IS / TO-BE process.

This can be done with a simple click of a button.

Accello – Human Clickstream Monitor Dashboard

Affords a detailed view of time taken to execute a process, against its sub functions and applications. Also provides information on the potential ROI of automation and automation probability of relevant processes.


Capturing System Interactions


Creating Process Flows


Accello – Human Clickstream Monitor Tool Assessment Assistant (TAA)

  • Assess multiple RPA tools for various use cases

Accello – Human Clickstream Monitor has the ability to evaluate multiple tools against multiple automation capabilities.

  • Create customized RPA tool assessments

Accello – Human Clickstream Monitor has the ability to evaluate multiple RPA tools against multiple automation capabilities, based on the requirements.