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Airis is an intelligent requirement capturing platform that is being developed by Virtusa. It is designed to overcome the challenges in conventional requirement gathering methods, enabling a more complete and accurate derivative of the current state of a given business process workflow.

The Trouble with Traditional Requirement Elicitation & Analysis


Even the experts don’t know it all

Knowledge gaps and information silos between SMEs who handle the given process often lead to derailed requirement elicitation sessions with no visible output.


Complexity of each process varies

Often multiple iterations are required to understand the end-to-end process in sufficient depth, document same, and review and baseline prior to automation.


Underestimation of exceptions

Most are often ignored (“these rarely occur – nothing to worry”) while some are completely forgotten.


Garbage In -> Garbage Out

Reluctance to give up certain obsolete activities as it has now become the ‘default’ practice, and determination to include same in the automated solution for fear of failure.


Current work study metrics are ambiguous

Often ‘guesstimated’ between various SMEs.

Even the most agile and lean methods used to elicit and analyze requirements cannot compensate for human error, manual effort and subjective opinions.

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