Accello – RPA Solutions

The below use cases list captures the various industry environments that best fit for Robotics Process Automation. According to your industry, see below to understand where you can make the best out of RPA.

Sample Functions of Accello – RPA

  • Extracting content out of emails and attachments
  • Creating files and folders in specific locations
  • Screen scraping for data
  • Connecting to system APIs
  • Logging in to websites and enterprise applications to enter/extract data
  • Collecting social media analytics
  • Reading and writing to databases
  • Making calculations and filling in the form with the results
  • Extracting/Merging data to create custom dashboards and reports with ease
  • Capability to depend on decisions and rules before proceeding through a process


Banking and Financial Service RPA Use Cases

  • Data migration between banking applications
  • Customer account management
  • Financial claims processing and updating loan data
  • New account entry and account reconciliation
  • Report generation across systems
  • Data extraction from an online form and making system entries
  • Accrual support to make and update entries
  • Account cleansing by purging known old data
  • OCR/HCR capabilities for scanning/processing checks and other documents
  • User access management through providing access, and deactivating and modifying privileges to all employees for internal systems
  • Mortgage approval (system integration)
  • Automating notifications via emails to clients
  • FX accounting and bad debt write-offs
  • Cost accounting and purchase orders
  • Journal and credit note accounting entries
  • Fraud detection by tracking account activities
  • Customer proposal report creation (creating loan offer letters, and customizing loan agreements and other formal documents shared with customers)

Capital Marketing RPA Use Cases

  • Document verifications for client onboarding (compliance, legal, credit and identification checks)
  • Fraud detection – client verifications against Credit Information Bureau (CRIB) of Sri Lanka
  • Simplifying/Enforcing the management of complex entitlement policies
  • Automating reconciliation with user defined rules to generate alerts on chargeback, retrieval request and response
  • Entitlement engine - providing timely and accurate distributions of dividends and interest

Insurance RPA Use Cases

  • Auto enrolment assistance for pension eligible clients
  • Policy document data transfer from legacy systems to new applications, systems, and 3rd parties
  • Policy Sales Support - customer data gathering, and adherence to compliance and rules of sale
  • Broker CUE (Motor) - comparing customer reported accident claim history data with actual
  • Bulk payments management through updating policies following claims made through specialist claims companies
  • Deceased Notification - processing of insurance policies following notification of a death
  • Insurance Comparison - downloading leads from Internet Comparison providers and loading entries to a lead management system
  • Sending policy payment reminder mails to the client base by cross-checking the pending payments list
  • Cross-checking multiple systems for compliance assurance
  • Funds transfer from multiple legacy policies/systems into a more modern, flexible system
  • Amending Standing Order, Direct Debit, and address details across multiple systems
  • Claims Processing - automating administrative and customer service activities related to receiving, reviewing, analyzing, and remitting claims

Healthcare RPA Use Cases

  • Medical bill processing
  • Processing patient data and migrating within hospital systems
  • Automating insurance claim processing / claim status, and eligibility
  • Patient record storage (data entry and extraction)

Manufacturing RPA Use Cases

  • ERP automation, data entry and extraction for creating customized reports
  • Monitoring and automating logistics data
  • Product pricing comparison between two file types

Human Resource Management RPA Use Cases

  • Automating the payroll by cross checking with the attendance of employees
  • Benefits administration
  • Compliance reporting with all the documentation submitted by an employee/candidate
  • Role-based training updates / reminder mails to be sent out to individuals by extracting data from several systems
  • Performance appraisal management
  • Populating employee data into multiple systems
  • Employee onboarding process
  • Shortlisting candidates for promotion eligibility by cross-checking different systems and calculating based on performance ratings