Key Features

Cross-paradigm automation

Supports Mobile, Web, Web Services, REST Services (+ custom APIs), thick clients and databases.

Trigger-based event execution and scheduling capabilities

Accello – RPA listeners can trigger events when pre-defined conditions are met and can run automated tasks at predefined times.

Support for creation and maintenance of complex data types

E.g.: Arrays and Schemas.

Creation of custom commands, and data and web entity models

The user can call Java, Bat or Sh based external libraries in Accello – RPA and use them as custom commands.

Mature in-built automation framework

Reliable and robust in-built framework takes care of reporting, error handling, exception management and logging.

Sophisticated UI capturing and management engine

Improves re-usability of UI objects, data tables and business components.

Simplified automation with zero code!

Easy-to-learn, English-based natural language and user-friendly User Interface.

Distributed parallel execution

Supports parallel execution of automation scripts across all paradigms.