Intelligent Requirement Clarity Assessment Framework

It is estimated that requirement errors cost businesses more than $30 billion per year and often result in failed or abandoned projects.

Our Solution

Virtusa’s Lumos – Requirements framework is equipped with intelligent text analysis technology which allows it to produce an auto-generated Requirement Clarity Index (RCI), enabling a “right-first-time” approach for business analysts.

Lumos – Requirements is also available as a JIRA Plugin.


Why Lumos – Requirements ?

Requirement Quality

Drives requirement quality at inception with little or no manual review effort

Provides an objective mechanism to evaluate requirement quality across various projects

Manual Review of requirements

Lumos – Requirements enables manual review by QA personnel , enabling further improvements to the automatic computation of the RCI (through further training)

RCI gamification

Can be utilized to drive positive behavior through gamification of the RCI as a KPI

Gamified BA role

Facilitates self-motivated performance improvements amongst business analysts

Lumos – Requirements is aimed at reducing requirement related defects by ~40%